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The Story of La Calle Doce

On September 15th, 1981 Oscar and Laura Sanchez opened the doors of a charming, renovated house in Oak Cliff and welcomed the first customers into the La Calle Doce family. As a twenty year veteran of numerous restaurant kitchens, Oscar had developed a vision for a restaurant of his own. He had noticed there was something missing in Dallas — a restaurant featuring good Mexican seafood and good service. At the time many people thought opening a restaurant was a bad investment, but Oscar had faith in the menu he had created and he and Laura went to work bringing this vision to life. Three months after opening La Calle Doce recieved a glowing review in D Magazine.

Since 1981 La Calle Doce has been serving the Dallas area delicious seafood and Tex-Mex made with the freshest ingredients. Signature dishes such as Pescado a la Parilla, Ceviche and Camarón a la Veracruzana have made such an impact that on August 6th, 1999 a second location was opened in Lakewood.

Enjoy the rich culture of Coastal Mexico through our fresh and flavorful cuisine. Just 10 minutes from Downtown Dallas, we offer daily specials, friendly smiles, and a cozy atmosphere and traditional menu.